Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Danny Gans Cause of Death Announced

The Clark County coroner has declared Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans' May 1st death accidental, with the prescription painkiller hydromorphone as the cause. According to the coroner, autopsy, toxicology and microscopic samples showed the comedian died from toxic levels of the painkiller, which is an opiate drug used to treat chronic pain. Gans' manager said that the entertainer suffered from chronic pain due to injuries that started back during his baseball-playing years. [Associated Press via Yahoo! News]

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  1. same as michael jackson but he did it himself. what a bunch of freaks, Baseball injury? haha. right, anyone ever heard of his baseball career?
    he played regular golf! played in the pro ams etc. he was another celebrity junkie with a nice family. front maybe.