Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fate of Grey's Anatomy Character Confirmed?

Warning: this post contains a potential spoiler for the next season of Grey's Anatomy.

Ever since the shocking Grey's Anatomy finale, fans have been speculating right and left about the fates of George and Izzie.

If Michael Ausiello's sources are correct, showrunner Shonda Rimes has finally decided what's happening with one of those characters -- and it looks like George O'Malley is a goner. In business terms, "T.R. Knight's wish to be released from his contract has been granted."

Both Knight, who plays O'Malley, and Katherine Heigel of Izzie Stevens fame have made no secret of their unhappiness with aspects of the show and the treatment of their respective characters.

Rimes has dismissed rumors that O'Malley, who was disfigured beyond recognition in the finale after being struck by a bus, would be played by a new actor next season. [Entertainment Weekly]

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