Monday, June 15, 2009

Music Notes: Blurred Order, Blur comeback, Lil' Wayne tour announced

I'm still kind of recovering from the evil virus I caught last week, but I'm hoping to resume my regular posting schedule this week. However, if I disappear again, please forgive me... The June Gloom weather in my area isn't doing much to help this situation.

- Blur have recently reunited and are in the midst of a summer of reunion gigs (they even played a surprise in-store in London tonight), but this hasn't stopped bassist Alex James for taking part in a side project. (To be fair, if bandmates Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon can do it, why can't he?) James has teamed up with former New Order members Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Phil Cunningham to form Bad Lieutenant. The group's album is due out this fall. [NME, SPIN]

- In fact, go here for a setlist and videos from tonight's Blur gig. And holy crap, they played "Country House." A couple of repeat vids, plus "Song 2" and "Charmless Man" here. [Pitchfork, Stereogum]

- Lil' Wayne has announced his summer tour, which will feature Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em and Drake. [SPIN]

- Was this year's Bonnaroo the last ever Nine Inch Nails gig in the United States? [Prefix Mag]

- Pixies played their first gig since 2004/2007 at the Isle of Wight Festival. [Rolling Stone]


  1. OMG:
    Alex James and New Order?! Mind explosion.
    Country House?! I would have assumed he wouldn't want to play it, ever again. But that's cool!

    That is all. <3

  2. OMG DA AWESOME. I should also get around to seeing the movie the band is named after...