Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Music Notes: Radiohead open digital download shop, Le Tigre + Christina Aguilera = team?

Sorry for the late Music Notes today, everyone! I've been under the weather and finally feel a little up to blogging. If there are any further delays this week, you now know what to blame.

- Radiohead's merchandise folks over at w.a.s.t.e have unveiled a new digital download section in the band's online store. In Rainbows Disc 2, which featured songs only released with the limited edition discbox sets that fans were able to order back in October 2007, is also available for digital download. [Dead Air Space]

- Interesting pairing alert! Le Tigre might be joining Christina Aguilera in the studio while the latter works on recording her new album. So no, Le Tigre haven't broken up. [SPIN]

- The new Arctic Monkeys album will be titled Humbug. Bah. [NME]

- Every single Oasis album is set for a vinyl rerelease later this year. A b-sides collection will also be reissued in this format. [NME]

- Have the Smashing Pumpkins chosen a 19-year-old drummer? [Paste Magazine]


  1. Wow.. a sign of the zeitgeist that Le Tigre are going progressively more mainstream?

    I remember first hearing them during the first wave of Internet radio, on a station called Grrl Radio... and I found them shrill and annoying. A few years later, I rediscovered them, and their self-titled album became one that I would leave in my player on repeat..

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