Sunday, June 28, 2009

RIP Billy Mays

Informercial pitchman Billy Mays has died at the age of 50. His wife, Deborah Mays, has said that her husband was feeling unwell when he went to bed on Saturday night. She found him unresponsive this morning at their home and Mays was pronounced dead at 7:45AM.

Authorities do not suspect foul play and and an autopsy will be performed on Monday.

On Saturday, Mays was one of the passengers on a U.S. Airways flight into Tampa that had a rough landing when the plane's front tires blew out. In an interview with the local Fox affiliate, Mays said that he was hit on the head during the landing (either by items falling from the overhead luggage bins or by the luggage bin itself) but that he had "a hard head." It is not yet known whether this incident has any connection to Mays' death.

Mays was a television staple known for his loud, enthusiastic promotion of products including OxiClean, Mighty Putty and the Big City Slider Station. Mays also starred in the Discovery Channel reality series Pitchman with fellow product spokesman Anthony Sullivan. [Associated Press via Yahoo! News]

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