Sunday, May 31, 2009

Universe of Sci-fi Stars to Guest on Warehouse 13

SciFi Channel's upcoming series Warehouse 13 doesn't debut until July, but it's already boasting an impressive line up of guest stars.

The show centers on a pair of Secret Service Agents -- Pete and Myka (Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly) -- who are transferred to Warehouse 13 and now answer to Artie, the location's caretaker and team leader. The Warehouse is a huge, top-secret storage facility for paranormal, mysterious and downright weird objects that have been collected by the US government. Think the Area 51 warehouse from the first and last Indiana Jones movies or the Cigarette Smoking Man's Pentagon storage hideway from The X-Files.

The new show's guest star roster starts with 3-time Emmy nominee CCH Pounder, who will play the boss of the Warehouse's caretaker in the pilot and a second episode later in the season.

Stargate Atlantis lead Joe Flanigan will guest as Jeff Weaver, a handsome and wealthy chamer who catches Myka's eye. He ends up under suspicion when the sculpture on which he bids vanishes in a seemingly impossible theft.

Several Battlestar Galactica veterans will guest star in different episodes. Tricia Helfer will play an FBI agent who initially clashes with the Secret Service agents when they interfere in one of her cases, until the unusual circumstances surrounding the case change her mind. Michael Hogan and his real-life wife, Susan, have been cast as Myka's father, Warren Bering, and mother in an episode that sees Bering's life threatened when he receives a dangerous object through the mail. Mark Sheppard will play Mr. Valda, one of the mysterious representatives of the Regents (the shadowy organization that controls Warehouse 13), who clashes with Artie.

Additional guest stars include Joe Morton, Erica Cerra and Niall Matter from SciFi's Eureka; James Naughton from Gossip Girl, Roger Rees from Cheers and Ivan Sergie from Crossing Jordan. [SCI FI Wire]

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