Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Admin Note

In an attempt to actually take a mini break this Memorial Day Weekend, I'll be slowing down/not posting over the next few days. (And I'm pretty sure my fellow Pop Wenches might also be taking this approach). As a result, there will be no "Retrovideo Friday" post today, though I will resume the feature next week.

I'll probably post an installment of "Music Notes" later today, but the next installment will not go up until Tuesday. And while I am hoping to schedule the usual weekly new music round-up so that it will go up by Monday no matter what, there might be a possibility that I won't post that until Tuesday either.

Check out previous Retrovideo Friday posts here, and take a look at our archives for anything else that might interest you. On that note, I hope everyone getting the long weekend off gets a chance to enjoy it! See you next week.

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