Friday, May 15, 2009

TV Renewal News: Dollhouse and Scrubs are coming back

- First things first. It may seem like the miracle of the year, especially considering the fact that its finale reportedly had the lowest rating of all its episodes — Dollhouse is coming back. We won't get an official announcement until Monday, but FOX executives have decided to bring it back for a 13-episode order so far. Now apparently, they do want to continue airing it on Friday nights... but I think it would be interesting if they put it on back to back with a show like Fringe on another night. (That's assuming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles doesn't come back, and sadly it seems like it won't). []

- And now it looks like Scrubs is coming back too for a ninth season, and Zach Braff will be coming back as well (for six episodes). Sarah Chalke is also slated to return for six episodes. Hm. I hate saying it, but it does feel like the Season 8 finale has been cheapened in a way. Can the show still go out on top in the future? []


  1. Yeah, of those two, I'd rather watch Terminator actually. :\

  2. I hear you. I want to see Terminator come back as well! But I also have various thoughts on that (and might wait until we find out its fate to post them).

    Also, don't forget Terminator: Salvation's coming out... FOX might be waiting to see how that does before they decide its fate. I don't think a shortened season (a la Dollhouse) would be a bad idea... you yourself have said the show can be inconsistent (and if I recall, said you wouldn't miss it just a week or two before the crazy finale aired). But we'll see what happens.

    What *is* nice about the Dollhouse renewal is that despite the low numbers, they actually paid attention to DVR numbers/online viewings/fan support. And were willing to say "Hey, this could have a better outcome in the long run." Which is nice, it almost reminds me of the days when shows like The X-Files were starting out. Now for all you know, it STILL won't be profitable enough for FOX (even with DVD sales and whatnot) and then they might decide to pull the plug after the next season. But they're giving it a chance, and Whedon can develop the concept to his heart's content. That's exciting. :-) And for another post.