Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Music Notes: Wilco album streaming, Gahan recovering from stomach flu

- Wilco's new album is streaming in its entirety on their website. Listeners can listen to the stream in low or high quality. []

- Following up on yesterday's news about David Gahan: the singer is indeed suffering from a severe bout of stomach flu. As a result, Depeche Mode have canceled gigs in Athens, Greece and Istanbul. Both shows will be rescheduled soon, and fans are being told to hold on to their tickets. [SPIN]

- Even though the album won't be released until Friday, Green Day's latest is probably well on its way to being at the top of the Billboard charts next week. [Billboard]

- First Howling Bells, now Elbow - the latter will be joining Coldplay as an opening act during several North American tour dates this summer. The band will also play some solo dates, and will kick things off with a July 22 show in Los Angeles. [NME]

- Weezer will apparently tour with Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy. [Pitchfork]

- And even though you've all probably heard by now, I will end with this item because I'm endlessly entertained by Kanye West's blog. The rapper just went on a tirade against Twitter on his blog, ending with the following: "HEY TWITTER, TAKE THE SO CALLED KANYE WEST TWITTER DOWN NOW .... WHY? ... BECAUSE MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS LOUD!!!!!!!!!" That'll tell 'em, Mr. West. [Kanye West's Blog]

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