Monday, July 27, 2009

True Blood Hi-Def Video Clips Now Live!

We've got nine . . . count 'em, nine! . . . high-definition video clips covering almost the entire True Blood panel at San Diego Comic-Con.  I haven't watched this show before (no HBO at home) but after seeing the panel, the way the cast interacts and the enthusiasm of the fans, I'm going to be adding the season 1 DVDs to my Netflix list.  The clips are all embedded here, but can be watched in all their high-definition glory at the Pop Wenches YouTube channel (

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Check out all the clips . . .


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  1. Make sure to subscribe to our Pop Wenches blog RSS feed

    created a feed for you on here (live journal does not let me create feeds) so I don't miss any of your great posts! thanks for great comic con round ups!