Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ABC Puts Out Call for Original LOST Theme Song

Aspiring musicians, songwriters and Losties have been invited to create the "ideal" LOST theme song in a new contest from ABC. The winner's song will be used in a "mock main title sequence" in a video that will be shown at San Diego Comic-Con in a couple of weeks.

LOST panels at Comic-Con have an established track record of surprises -- such as exclusive video clips that further the show's mythology and unannounced appearances by show stars like Harold Perrineau ("Michael Dawson) and Matthew Fox ("Dr. Jack Shephard") -- so the winning music will most likely debut at this year's panel and not in the dealer's room. The LOST panel is held in the main convention hall which holds close to 7,000 people (and I can vouch that the hall is always packed to the gills during the LOST presentation).

The music track must not be more than 60 seconds in length and, according to the official rules, will be judged on originality, musical talent, "coolness" and "Jacob"-worthiness. The submission deadline is July 16 and the contest is open to US residents only. For more information, visit the official contest site. [ABC.COM]

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