Friday, August 14, 2009

Spotnitz Exploring New, Futuristic Worlds for HBO

Writer and executive producer Frank Spotnitz, best known for his work on The X-Files, is going to be a busy man in the near future.  Spotnitz has been tapped by both HBO and FX to develop a total of three television series.

The writer will develop two futuristic drama series for HBO.  The first, Humanitas, is a medical thriller "set in a time when major advances . . . have created dilemmas for doctors and fanned fears that a devastating pandemic is imminent."  Spotnitz will co-executive produce the series.

He will also exec produce a series based on Robert Silverberg's sci-fi novel The World Inside, a dystopian novel "where overpopulation has run amok, and people live in carefully controlled urban centers where frustration and anger are eliminated, sex is rampant and fertility is the most prized human attribute."  Yup, that sounds like it's right up HBO's alley.

Spotnitz told Variety that his pilot for FX, Arc, is "sort of about what would happen if Jason Bourne decided to leave the spy game and try to fit into normal life."  The premise is taken from the life of a real person who is part of the covert operations world.  Spotnitz describes the show as character-based, as opposed to action-based. [Variety]

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