Friday, August 14, 2009

Admin Note: Readjusting my schedule, posting responsibility

So as my previous posts indicate, I've just moved to a new place to start grad school. I haven't even officially started classes yet, but I'll be honest — it's going to be a tough and insanely busy year. Because of this, I haven't fully worked out what I'll be able to do at Pop Wenches, though I do hope to continue working on this blog even if it is in a diminished capacity while I'm in school.

I didn't post much at all this week, and I won't be posting a Retrovideo Friday post today. However, here is my plan for now:

-try getting a movie review up this weekend
-hopefully post a new music post next week
-post Music Notes (my music round-up) on a three-times-a-week basis
- get Retrovideo Friday back on its regular schedule

I might have to do even less than this depending on how the upcoming week goes for me. But I'm going to do my best to do as much as I can. After that, my schedule may still change... however, I do hope that I'll have a final idea of what I'll be working on by the end of this month.

Until then, readers!

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