Friday, August 7, 2009

Dollhouse Co-star Talks "Lost" Episode, Season 2

SCI FI Wire has posted a very interesting interview they did with Fran Kranz (doll programmer Topher Brink) of Dollhouse at Comic-Con last month.  In it there's much discussion and spoilers for one of the infamous unaired episodes of the Joss Whedon show.  But unless you're buying season one on DVD or Blu-Ray set, you want to be spoiled for the unaired ep "Epitaph One."
"Epitaph One" serves as the jumping off point for the second season of Dollhouse and the post-apocalyptic world will not be a place that's kind to Topher Brinks, according to Kranz.  Click here to read the interview and enjoy a clip from "Epitaph One" below.

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