Thursday, April 2, 2009

Metric - Fantasies

Metric finally released their latest studio offering, Fantasies, in digital format via their website and iTunes on Tuesday. It's the fourth studio album for the group — and the first full-length album since 2005's Live It Out, if you don't count the 2007 rerelease of Grow Up and Blow Away.

While some bands have a tendency to change their sound as much as possible during a hiatus from the studio, the members of Metric seem content to stick with their usual sound. On one hand this is slightly disappointing — the acoustic tracks that accompanied Fantasies preorders are fantastic, and frontwoman Emily Haines has shown that she can do the quiet, broody piano thing on solo album Knives Don't Have Your Back. It would be pretty interesting if the band would start incorporating a greater variety of influences and ideas while working on Metric material.

That being said, Fantasies is a great spring/summer album. In classic Metric fashion, it features a hefty amount of new wave-influenced fuzzy guitars, synths and punchy beats. Haines' vocals alternate between sweet (as heard on "Gimme Sympathy") and slightly sinister (as evidenced on tracks like "Blindness"). Though songs do slow down a bit and begin to blend into each other during the latter half of the album, Fantasies goes out on a strong note with the rousing "Stadium Love."

It may not be the next White Album or Kid A, but Metric have proved that they have a strong formula that works for them. So if you're looking for some indie, alternative pop to bop around to, you're definitely in the right place.

Stream Fantasies below:


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