Thursday, September 24, 2009

Live Blogging "Flash Forward"

With all the new shows and new seasons of returning shows starting up, the Pop Wenches thought we'd try something new (for this blog anyway) and do a little live blogging commentary on a few shows.  First up, the new ABC show FlashForward!  Spoilers up the ying-yang, needless to say . . .

8:00PM - Clearly Joseph Fiennes and a whole lotta ppeople are having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I think Dude Smushed in his Car and Flambeed Dude get to claim the top of that list.

8:02PM - Is anyone else thinking that it's weird hearing Joseph Fiennes speak without a British accent? Oh look!  It's Brannon Braga's name in the credits.  Hope this show is better than the last incarnation of Star Trek television series he worked on was. And what kind of jobs do JF and wife do to have a gorgeous house with a backyard with that view??!

8:05PM - More Star Trek adjacent goodness in the form of John Cho. And "Islands in the Stream" for a first dance at a wedding?  Oh hell no!  Love the Lost callout in the form of the Oceanic Airlines billboard in the background.

8:08PM - Here comes our glimpses of the flashbacks!

8:09PM - My theory after seeing JF's flashback?  An enemy country figured out how to aerosolize LSD and everyone just had an acid trip for the ages.  Ouch.  It sooooo sucks to be Flambeed Dude.  And that view of the 101 freeway in Downtown LA?  Trust me, that's not much different from how it looks in real life during peak commute hours . . . or Friday nights as everyone heads out to the Hollywood clubs.  Not liking the helicopter crashing into the building and shades of 9/11.

8:15PM - Wow.  They just had an Asian male character be assertive on television without him being a martial arts master or or an Asian mobster.  Don't see that happen very often.  Kudos to the writers already!  And a kangaroo in the street??  Talk about a Quantas WTF?

8:20PM - Desperate Housewives ad on the wrecked bus in the background. Real subtle cross-promotion ABC. *eyeroll*  And if Olivia (Sonya Walger) is a surgeon, I guess that explains the beautiful house.  And where's her surgeon's mask if she's operating?  Heck, none of them are wearing one.  Does blacking out make one forget about the danger of infectious diseases?

8:24PM - April 29, 2010.  So I wonder what kind of FlashForward promo stunts will be held on that date. Heck, ABC did candy bar giveaways a few years ago in cities around the country for a summertime Lost ARG . . .

8:29PM - The Walt Disney Concert Hall smoking in the background outside the window.  Not a Gehry-designed building! Don't mess up one with acoustics that amazing!

8:32PM - LOL at the poor FBI director(?) with the vision of himself on the crapper.  Will there be a new class sytem because of these visions?  Those who had cool visions and those who had lame ones?

8:38PM - And now we're getting into the whole issue of whether the future is already set in stone or whether following these visions is going to make that exact future a reality.  Always an interesting dilemma and one I'm sure they'll revisit many times during this show.  They've already put out just enough of a tease through Mark's (Joseph Fiennes) vision that I'm curious to see where this story goes.  Way to go with getting me hooked on another show!  Wonder how many Pop Wenches readers are feeling the same way?

8:41PM - And now the religious angle . . . from the character who was having decidedly premarital sex when the blackout hit. Interesting writer's choice/juxtaposition.  And from the character who was literally ready to commit suicide.  Very, very interesting.

8:48PM - V promo!  I still remember being totally creeped out by a very famous scene in the original V television mini-series.  *shudder*  Not crazy about Morena Bacarin with short hair.  She's a gorgeous woman, but much more so with long hair (see her as Adria in the last two seasons of SG1).

8:50PM - Etta James' "At Last" for Mark and Olivia's wedding song?  Either it's bad music or predictable music for weddings?  Oh, Olivia!  This would have been an excellent time to lie, lie, LIE about your flash forward!  She just confirmed (of course) Mark's worst nightmare.  Again, the question of self-fulfilling prophecies raises it's ugly head.

8:53PM - Well hello Jack Davenport!  You look much better here than you did in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  And why do you get to keep your British accent when none of your fellow FlashForward cast members do?

8:54PM - Okay, I'm getting creepy, not-a-normal-kid vibes from Mark and Olivia's daughter.  Anyone else feel the same way?

8:56PM - Seeing the one person who didn't pass out gave me the creeps too.  Why isn't he(?) freaking out that everyone around him has passed out for 2:17 seconds?  I'd be running around doing Freaked Out Jazz Hands!

8:59PM - Dominic Monaghan!  Dominic Monaghan in a suit looking quite good.  Knew he was joining the show thanks to spoilers and his TCA appearance, of course, but still can't wait to see him.  I'll be tuning in to FlashForward again next week -- will you?

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